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Coming Fall 2024

Chaperoned: London

Shy high school English teacher Shauna wistfully waits on the dashing AP History instructor to ask her out—to a movie, coffee, paper-grading session… anything. But Mr. Chase Canfield sees Shauna as nothing more than a colleague. Or does he? 

Shauna’s ecstatic when he invites her to co-chaperone his class’s study abroad trip to London, then utterly devastated to learn she’s simply cover so he can continue wooing the woman he met last year. 

Can Shauna’s spunky, yet troubled students give her the courage to compete for Mr. Canfield’s attentions? Or will Shauna find a Brit beau of her own? 

(Book one in the Chaperoned series)

Movie Love

How to you find the man of your dreams when books and movies set your romance standards? 

Whimsical Scarlett is always half-in-love with pretty much every man she meets. From co-workers to the cable guy, one little interaction can inspire an entire fantasy relationship that more than meets her romance needs. Unfortunately, no real-life man has yet lived up to her imagination. 

Stoic history professor Walter is definitely not the man who can do it. Walter is so grounded in facts and reality, he’s pretty sure he’s never indulged his imagination, not even when he was a child. 

Can these two opposites build a movie-worthy love affair that’s still grounded in reality? Or will a dreamy leading man win Scarlett’s affections before Walter can jump-start his own creative charm?