About Me

Lilacs and Champagne ...

Starlit playgrounds. Moondusted whispers in the deepening twilight. Crackling campfires smoldering toward sultry sunrises. I find it profoundly moving that love can reside in everything—from the grandly romantic to the utterly mundane. 

I first fell in love with romances as a pre-teen while immersing myself in the achingly angsty love stories of the 1980s, especially the beloved series of Sweet Dreams, First Love, and Sweet Valley High. While I adored them all, I was most enticed by teen romances published in the 1950s, starting with "Practically Seventeen" and the charming, whirlwind teenhood of Tobey Heydon written by Rosamond du Jardin. 

On-screen romances intrigued me too, from the drama-laced, teen soaps I watched with my sisters, to the more mature love stories that my parents preferred, like "Casablanca" and "The Student Prince". And like every '80s teen, I willingly hopped on every cinematic emotional roller coaster crafted by John Hughes, especially my all-time favorite: "Some Kind of Wonderful." 

My taste for written romances matured with me as I read through Barbara Cartland, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey, then on to Maeve Binchy and Mary Balogh. 

In my own romance writing, I aspire to craft love affairs forged more by heart than heat, more sweet than steam. (Although, I do love to write steamy heat when it serves the story...) In my own life... 

For those intriguing few who have romanced me, this is for you: 

Remember when the fall of night was full of quiet mystery? 
The echoed sounds felt most profound, 
A whispered secret memory...