Lillian Lea

The deepest love develops in the details...

About Me 

From the dandelion chains of my childhood, to the breathless liaisons of my youth, to the deeper understanding of romance that can only come with age and heartaches... Romance runs through my veins. Delve into the details that inspire my love stories...

My Books

Modern rom-coms with retro relationships. Sweet, clean, contemporary romances. Classically spicy historicals. I may not stick to one specific sub-genre, but every love story I write begins with alluring characters immersed in intriguingly detailed love stories.

Contact Me

Have questions or comments about my quirky characters and my thought-provoking plots? Desperate to learn when I’ll be releasing my next book? Wondering how you can best support my writing? Send me a message! (It’s less romantic than using a quill and parchment, but much more efficient...)